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This classic story takes place in France, Italy, and throughout the Mediterranean Basin. Commencing in the year 1815 – just before “The hundred days” of Napoleon’s second reign and his defeat in Waterloo – it extends until 1842 during the reign of King Louis – Philippe. This epic adventure revolves around the themes of hope, justice, vengeance, passion, mercy, forgiveness, and redemption. It focuses on one man wrongfully accused and imprisoned who escapes from jail, acquires an immense fortune, and sets forth on an act of merciless revenge on those responsible for his unjust incarceration. Nevertheless, his plans have devastating consequences on the innocent as well as the guilty.

This extraordinary journey is now being brought to the Broadway stage as a musical by French-born Yves Dessca, a renowned songwriter and music producer.

The creative team and timeline of the project are to be announced imminently.