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Chateau d’If

The isolated location and dangerous offshore currents of the Château d’If made it an ideal escape-proof prison, very much like the island of Alcatraz in California in more recent times. Its use as a dumping ground for political and religious detainees made it one of the most feared and notorious jails in France.

Dantes rose and looked forward, when he saw rise within a hundred yards of him the black and frowning rock on which stands the Chateau d’If. This gloomy fortress, which has for more than three hundred years furnished food for so many wild legends, seemed to Dantes like a scaffold to a malefactor.

“The Chateau d’If?” cried he, “what are we going there for?” The gendarme smiled.

This extraordinary journey is now being brought to the Broadway stage as a musical by French-born Yves Dessca, a renowned songwriter and music producer.

The creative team and timeline of the project are to be announced imminently.

Quoted from the novel, “Le Comte de Monte Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas (1844), Chapter 8. The Chateau D’If