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Log Line

Following his abdication, Emperor Napoleon now reigns only over the island of Elba. And while the law prohibits any type of relations with the deposed Emperor, a young sailor named Edmond Dantes, Second mate of the merchant ship the “Pharaoh”, anchors in the waters of the isle after the impromptu death of the Captain of the ship. Capitalizing on the unsuspecting Dantes, three jealous friends accuse him of conspiring to the restoration of the deposed sovereign in an anonymous letter sent to the authorities. Swiftly arrested, he is imprisoned in the fortress “Chateau d’If” on the islet of the same name, off the shores of Marseille.

After fourteen hopeless years, he escapes and retrieves a hidden treasure buried on the isle of Monte-Cristo, the location of which was revealed to him by Abbot Faria, a fellow prisoner. Now a rich a powerful man, hiding under the guise of Count of Monte Cristo, he swears an oath of vengeance against those who betrayed him. He will particularly target one devilish man named Fernand Mondego, now Earl of Morcef, who deceives and married Mercedes, his beloved fiancée after she was convinced of his death. Mercedes, the most beautiful woman in Marseilles, the love of his live, forever lost.